The 2014 Filipino Edition Coloring Book

so thankful to be a part of this book . please support and share !
Cultural Coloring Books Presented by People of Coloring

People of Coloring at FPAC 2014

Help People of Coloring at the Festival of Philippine Art and Culture print more coloring books tailored for this event! We’re aiming to print 200-500 booklets at the very least to share with children and families to enjoy at FPAC 2014’s programming. The illustrations feature recent works from community artists, many of whom will be present during the festival. 

What We Need & How We’ll Use It

About The Filipino Edition: People of Coloring dedicates a Filipino Edition coloring booklet, which features illustrations and information of Philippine history, culture, and experiences provided by local artists of our community. Their work, including that of People of Coloring, is all volunteer-based. This edition aims to introduce, enlighten, excite and expand the dialogue of our rich cultural heritage for generations new and old.

  • Funds raised will be used for printing costs, but if our goal is exceeded we will be able to…
  • Buy crayons
  • And coloring pencils
  • And print even more books!
Our fun quirk-perks are waiting for you too, so be sure to check them out!

About People of Coloring

People of Coloring aims to promote multi-cultural visibility, awareness and acceptance to youth and adults through conscious coloring books. We address the need to start conversations about race, culture, ethnicity and gender identity earlier in life. As we enhance the dialogue of common and shared experiences among diverse peoples of color, we hope to dissect stereotypes and dissolve barriers by which society divides. By working with artists who create with and for the community, we capture the cultural and socio-political climates in the places and times we live. We might not solve the world’s problems, but we may create more conscious kids of color. People of Coloring – it’s not a race.

About The Program

For the Kid’s Pavilion at FPAC this year, People Of Coloring will provide children and adults with illustrations and booklets to practice Conscious Coloring. This activity encourages participants to engage with artistic expression, ask critical questions, share stories and spark important conversations centered on diversity and challenging social norms in every-day encounters. Families can come together in a safe and fun environment to share stories, color, and discuss topics invoked by the illustrations of this year’s coloring book. People Of Coloring dedicates a Filipino Edition for this year’s festival, which features illustrations and information provided by participating artists.

For Kapwa

Not only does this project intend to raise awareness and pass on knowledge to future generations of our culture, but we also hope to create a space for sharing stories and exchange through each of our experiences as being Filipino. Please help us drive these connections deeper by sharing with a friend, through social media, over the phone, or in person – anything helps!

About The Artwork


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